The GENIUS-CHD Consortium holds an annual steering group meeting at one of the major cardiology conferences, usually the ESC congress.


ESC meeting 2018


ESC meeting 2017 –

ESC meeting 2016 –

ESC meeting 2015

ESC Congress 2015

AHA meeting 2014 – Chicago

On Sunday the 16th of November the second F2F of the GENIUS-CHD consortium was heldĀ during the AHA Scientific Sessions in Chicago.

ESC meeting 2014 – Barcelona

ESC presentatieThe first GENIUS-CHD face-face meeting took place at the ESC congress in Barcelona, on Sunday 31st August 2014. All consortium members were invited to attend this informal meeting.

Key points of this meeting were: introductions, brief update and progress report, process for new project proposals, website preview/launch, and a general discussion for new ideas and collaborations. It was a nice occasion to meet each other and to put some faces to the names. If you are interested to see the whole presentation, please login.