The role of the Operational Committee has been laid out in the memorandum of understanding of the consortium (link).  This states:

Operational Committee

Membership: In the interests of rapid communication and management, this group will form as a subgroup of the SSC and comprise representatives from the main geographical regions/continents represented. These members will be invited to join based on experience in the field and in leading large consortia. Membership will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Responsibilities: The OC will primarily oversee the continued development and ongoing administrative management of the consortium. This will include, but is not restricted to:

  1. Invitation and registration of new cohorts, on the recommendation of existing members or based on new publications or direct application by the new cohort
  2. Collation of key summary cohort and phenotype details into a central database in order to share among members, to facilitate new ideas and projects.
  3. Development and maintenance of a website with secure web based access to the central database described above – access to which will be given to each participating PI for review and to update details of their own cohort.
  4. Maintenance of a list of all approved and pre-approved projects by the SSC.
  5. Promotion of the activities of the consortium to the wider scientific community through electronic and other means
  6. Preparing and providing letters of support and other administrative support required by consortium members to facilitate funding or publication
  7. Seeking and supporting opportunities to promote careers of junior investigators and fellows through facilitation of exchange programs or fellowship applications.
  8. The OC will meet approximately monthly (with options for more frequent meetings). Quorum will be set at 50%.