Scientific Steering Committee

The role of the Scientific Steering Committee has been laid out in the memorandum of understanding of the consortium.  This states:

Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

Membership: This will include representation from all participating cohorts as well as members bringing valuable experience in the disease area, in epidemiological and genetic research, in statistics and methods development. It is envisaged a minimum of one person, usually the PI, will represent each study/cohort.

Responsibilities: The SSC will determine the overall strategic direction of the consortium aiming for transparency, timely communication, effective coordination, and a sharing of responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities among cohort members.

Specifically it will:

  1. Review, and approve submitted proposals or suggest new proposals, which are in line with the aims and strategic direction of the consortium
  2. Establish project specific working groups (PSWGs) for each proposal by appointing a Lead to take responsibility for PSWG group composition, contact/ invitation of suitable member cohorts, management and delivery of the aims of the proposal.
  3. Advise on and approve analytic approaches, optimal study design, publication strategies and authorship criteria for each proposal to the PSWG.
  4.  Advise formation of additional sub-committees as needed, for instance, to harmonize specific endpoints among multiple cohorts
  5. Determine which funding streams to pursue and how to target these such as creation of grant writing groups as needed.
  6. Allocate resources when these are available.
  7. The SSC will meet at approximately bi-monthly intervals (with option for more frequent meetings), led by a chair and a secretary. Quorum will be set at 30%



Current (2015) steering committee members include:

Study/Cohort Name Location SSC Member(s)
ANGES Netherlands Connie Bezzina; AAM Wilde
ANGES (Finland) Finland Leo-Pekka Lyytikainene
Atheroremo Netherlands Patrick Serruys; Eric Boersma
ATVB Italy Diego Ardissino; Nicola Marziliano
Austrian CAD study Austria Heinz Drexel; Christoph Saely
BHF FHS UK Nilesh Samani
BIOMArCS Netherlands Eric Boersma
CABG Genomics USA Jochen Muehlschlegel; Simon Body
Campania Italia Italy Carlo Briguori
Circulating Cells Netherlands I Hoefer
Cleveland Clinic Genebank USA Stan Hazen; Hooman Allayee; Jaana Hartiala
Clinical Cohorts in Coronary Disease Collaboration (4C) UK Harry Hemingway; Riyaz Patel; Aroon Hingorani
Coronary Disease Cohort Study (CDCS) New Zealand Arthur Mark Richards; Vicky Cameron
Corogene Finland Juha Sinisalo
CURE Genetics Study Canada Gui Pare
Emory Cardiovascular Biobank USA Arshed Quyyumi; Riyaz Patel
ERICO Brazil Alexandre Pereira; Paulo Lotufo
FAST-MI 2005 France Tabssome Simon
FAST-MI 2010 France Tabssome Simon
FRISC II Sweden, Norway and Denmark Agneta Siegbahm; Asa Johanssen
GENDEMIP Czech Jaroslav Hubacek
GENESIS-PRAXY Canada Louise Pilote; George Thannasoulis; Jasmine Poole
GENOCOR Italy Clara Carpeggiani; Maria Graza Andreassi; Antonio La’abbte
GIPS3 Netherlands Pim van der Harst
GoDarts Scotland Colin Palmer
GRACE_Belgium Belgium Van De Werf; Diether Lambrechts; Els Wauters
GRACE_UK UK Keith Fox; Kathryn Carruthers
Icelandic Cath Cohort Iceland Anna Helgadottir; Gudmundur Thorgeirsson
Icelandic MI Cohort Iceland Anna Helgadottir
IDEAL USA Benoit Arsenault; Marie-Pierre Dubé
IHD PEARL Netherlands Folkert Asselbergs
Intermountain Heart Collaborative Study USA Jeffrey Anderson; Benjamin Horne
INVEST-Genes USA Julie Johnson; Yan Gong; Rhonda Cooper deHoff
ISAR Cohort Germany Adnan Kastrati; Werner Koch
Karola Study Germany Hermann Brenner; Ute Mons
LIFE-Heart Germany Joachim Thiery; Markus Scholze
LifeLines Netherlands Pim van der Harst
LURIC Germany Winifried Maerz; Marcus Kleber
Malmo Diet and Cancer Study Sweden Gustav Smith
Nanjin Cohort China Lina Wang
NE Poland Cohort Poland Karol Kaminski; Anna Kozaraiadska
Ottawa Heart Genomics Study Canada Rob Roberts; Alex Stewart
PERGENE/EUROPA Europe Eric Boersma
PLATO Sweden Lars Wallentin; Axel Akerblom
PMI New Zealand Arthur Mark Richards; Vicky Cameron
POPular Netherlands JM ten Berg; Thomas Bergmeijer
POPular-Genetics Netherlands JM ten Berg; Thomas Bergmeijer
PREMIER & INFORM Cohorts USA John Spertus; Sharon Cresci; Thomas Morgan
PREVEND Netherlands Pim van der Harst
PROSPER Netherlands Wouter Jukema; Naveed Sattar; Stella Trompet; Iris Postmus
RISCA Canada James Brophy; Peter Bogaty; George Thannasoulis; Jamie Engert
SMART Netherlands Ale Algr; Vinicius Tragante
STABILITY Sweden Lars Wallentin; Axel Akerblom
Stockholm Heart Epidemiology Program (SHEEP) Sweden Ulf De Faire; Karin Leander
TEXGEN ACS USA Christie Ballantyne; Salim Virani
TEXGEN CABG USA Christie Ballantyne; Salim Virani
The Finnish Cardiovascular Study (FINCAVAS) Finland Mika Kahonen; Terho Lehtimaki; Leo-Pekka Lyytikainene
The Heart & Soul Study USA Mary Whooley; Mark Pabst
TNT Netherlands Kees Hovingh
TRIUMPH USA John Spertus; Sharon Cresci; Thomas Morgan
UCORBIO Netherlands Folkert Asselbergs
Utrecht CV Genetics Study Netherlands Anke Hanse Maitland Van Der Zee; Mark de Groot
Verona Heart Study Italy Domenico Girelli; Nicola Martinelli; Oliviero Oliveri
WARSAW ACS Poland Marek Kiliszek
WARSAW STEMI Poland Marek Kiliszek